reprising lothlorien?

Some years ago a friend began carving house and property names in wood. He asked if we would like one so we thought for a while and decided on the name Lothlorien. My wife and I were both keen J.R.R. Tolkien readers long before Peter Jackson gave Lord of the Rings such a boost.

The elven forest, Lothlorien had worked its way into my imagination ever since the first time I read LOTR as a magical place of natural beauty and mystery where weary or wounded travellers could seek peace, rest and healing. Even though it was actually a bit high-falootin’ for our little suburban house, the sentiment appealed to us.

I put the sign above the our front door and it was always nice to explain what it meant when people asked about it and it was always a reminder to try to make our home as peaceful and healing for our family and others as possible.

Over the past few years, and after a move to a new location, the Lothlorien sign was relegated to a less prominent position and tended to be somewhat overlooked.

Now that we live on forested acreage, it just might be time to revisit the notion of Lothlorien – both as a physical reality and a way of being.

We have plans!


~ by Garry on June 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “reprising lothlorien?”

  1. Hey, the sign looks great! Much better than this morning…

    Love, Tamara

  2. good.

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