Mercy Ships

I love the work of Mercy Ships International. We make a small contribution to their work from time to time. The story of Don Stephens and his vision for a fleet of mobile, fully-equipped hospital ships, serving the poorest of the poor free of charge is inspiring.
This is the newest Mercy Ship – the Africa Mercy, converted from a donated car ferry, she overtakes the Anastasis as the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship, with six operating theatres, a 78-bed patient ward and accommodation for more than 450 volunteer crew members.
Length 152m
Breadth 23.7m
Gross Tonnage 16,572
Built 1980
Crew 474
Main Engines B&W (3120 kW each)
Draft 6.0m
The Africa Mercy will visit the following ports:
Liberia – Field Assignment Arrive May 21 2007, Depart Dec1 2007
Best of all, their first surgical patient was a 90 year old woman in Liberia whose cateracts had made her blind and unable to care for herself or her extended family. She literally danced around the operating theatre after her sight was retored!
Stay tuned – they are staffed by volunteers and remain securely moored to a dock! My hope is to visit and maybe help out asvolunteers as part of our round-the-world plans for 2010. Tamara, obviously as nurse, me as general dogs-body!

~ by Garry on August 13, 2007.

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