Surveying Project

Catherine finished a round of school work a little ahead of time last week. The next box had not yet arrived by this morning, so Catherine and I got organised to survey a wheelchair path project for the property. We wanted to find out how many metres the land fell from the top of the property, where a path could begin, to the bottom, where it would end at the waterbird habitat.


With Catherine’s help, and the use of a few tools – spirit level, tape measure, 2 metre pole with graduated markings, pen and paper – I have calculated that the fall is about 14 metres. The path will be some 175 metres long, resulting in a grade of approx. 14 to 1 – a 1 metre fall for every 14 metres of path. The paths would switch back and forth down through the fern forest, with levelled rest areas at each switch, mainly for the sake of carers!


Oh, and Catherine helped with all the arithmetic and has produced a written report of her first surveying experience which we emailed to her teacher in Brisbane. Not a bad morning in ‘the school of life’.

~ by Garry on September 11, 2007.

5 Responses to “Surveying Project”

  1. What a way to learn and spend time with your Dad. “Memories are made of this”. Connie

  2. Great isn’t it? I reckon homeschooling is full of such potentially (positive) life-shaping experiences.
    Catherine said she found this project very interesting, noting that it made her all sweaty!

  3. Garry,
    As it will eventually, also be a learning experience for Christopher, don’t forget to put in some “Emergency Exits” on the more ‘dangerous slopes’ in your path. i.e. the down section of the Toowoomba Range Highway, because some day he may wish to attempt it in his own mode of transport.
    Love to all.


  4. I was thinking about home schooling the other day. Then my daughter came in and asked “after the decimal place, heading backwards, what is the first column called? Tenths, hundredths what?”
    I said “oneths” after an odd look from my 9 year old Amy, my wife said “ask mummy from now on sweet heart!”

  5. yeah, but Scotty see, you are operating under a misconception. We are using the special ‘homeschooling for dummies’ programme. It is great for us…and it would be perfect for you!

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