faery alert

Managed to get close enough to snap this shot of this fine specimen of fernus faeraeoptia this morning in a secluded corner of the Faery Fen. She flew away as soon as I snapped the shutter, but Catherine has seen her there before. We think she lives nearby.


~ by Garry on September 25, 2007.

4 Responses to “faery alert”

  1. Roundup works fine or any ordinary insecticide.
    Try not to get bitten.

  2. It’s because of people like you that there are no dragons left in this country.

  3. Garry,
    Didn’t your mother ever tell you that fiery bites are far more painfull than green-ant bites?

  4. A fine specimen of a fairy if ever I have seen one. Perhaps more will be spotted nearby in the future.

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