something fishy

It has long been a vague dream of mine to own a large, well-stocked, colourful aquarium housing tropical fish and plants; however, constraints of time, money and skill have prevented me. Until now. At last, after saving up my pennies, I have been able to get started. It is not fully stocked yet, but I have made a start with half a dozen plants and 10 little fish (can’t remember what species they are, but will clarify this when buying the next installment of another dozen or so).
The tank is 1200mm by 400mm by 500mm. Eventually it will hold a community of around 50 tropical freshwater fish. There is a great pet fish and bird shop in Mooloolaba. They have dozens of varieties of fish, so I’ll be heading back there from time to time to gradually develop a community aquarium.
You can see in these pics the family watching ‘live tv’ and the few little guys swimming madly around.
The little swimmers make me smile and I relax while watching them. The family also enjoys them, with Christopher claiming he is going to give up eating fish now. There is a little baby fish that the kids have named ‘Micro-chip’. Cute hey?

~ by Garry on October 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “something fishy”

  1. G,
    I think I will drop by with the rod and reel sometime soon.


  2. You’re very welcome any time of course, but you won’t get much of a meal out of these little tackers! Smaller than whitebait I’m guessing. 🙂

  3. Funny, just this minute I have come in from next door where I was admiring their new saltwater aquarium. I understand these are more complicated. He has bought ‘live’ coral and rocks and all sorts of undersea creatures that don’t look like fish!
    Must be the season for …fishing!

  4. yeah I looked at the saltwater (or reef) aquariums – or is it aquaria? – but they looked too expensive and tricky for me. Even freshwater is quite a challenge – water quality, ph level, mineral content, temperature, feeding, amount of sunlight, balance of species, plantlife…
    But, undaunted (or naive), I’m going to give it a try.

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