aqua community growing

After a fairly ordinary first week in which I lost 4 of the original 10 Feeder Fish (Rosy Barbs), the kids and I trekked to Mooloolaba again today to consult with our ‘aqua-girl’ aquarium specialist, Candice. She gave me all kinds of good, though not-very-helpful advice (mainly because there doesn’t seem to be anything in particular that I have been doing wrong, but it was good to have her confirm that!)
After kindly replacing 2 of the 4 recently deceased for free, she then sold us the following:
Swordtails (1 male and 1 female). I have just read that it is best to stock a number of females so that they don’t feel too harrassed by the male! How many females does it take for the male to start feeling harrassed?
Two Black Neon Tetras (not quite as delicate as the notoriously fussy Neon Tetras).
Four Black Widow Tetras – beautiful ‘angelfish’ shaped fish with vertical zebra stripes (hence the name Black Widow!)
A total of 16 at this point and I must say the little community looks great.Let’s see how long these last.
By the way, I spent an hour on regular cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium this morning. This is not a hobby for the slack or careless, it seems. I wouldn’t mind so much if they would just stop dying on me at the rate of 1 per day!
Christopher used his pocket money to buy the black (female) swordtail which he has named (because it is black, not knowing it is female) Detective Spooner (Will Smith in “I, Robot”) and Catherine used her severely depleted funds to buy one of the Neon Tetras. She has named it “Follower” because it is always following the other Neon around.

~ by Garry on October 20, 2007.

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  1. We lost indoor fish so gave up. They are like indoor plants – never sure why they curl up their toes!



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