may the force be with you

Well, after a not-too-impressive beginning, I am gradually learning the ways of the Simplicity lawn tractor and the nifty trailer we bought for it.
I have mowed with it successfully a few times and use it nearly every day to transport mulch, earth, crusher dust, pavers, etc. You can see it here with the mower deck removed. Christopher loves nothing better than to watch me tractoring around the place, and the lifting, shovelling, pushing and pulling involved had been great daily exercise. I am actually toning up a bit.
Anyway, I still have lots to learn about reversing. I tried to back the trailer into a fairly tight space in the workshop the other day with his nibs watching. After the third (fourth?) attempt, I had it pretty well in place, if a little skew-if.
Asking Christopher what he thought of my not-too-shabby performance, he sighed indulgently and said, “Dad you have to learn to trust the force.” Obviously he wouldn’t have passed me if he was a driving inspector.

~ by Garry on December 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “may the force be with you”

  1. G,
    Reversing is all done by mirrors.
    You look at the way the B double and B triple drivers handle it !!!
    As for Semi drivers, well no wonder the bionic boy failed you.

  2. Garry,

    It is inherited. Dad can back into a brick wall with no trouble. As for me, I have trouble backing out the front yard!

    I watched a huge truck backing into Orchy in Stephen St yesterday – all traffic was halted. He slid into this incredibly small driveway perfectly. I am envious.



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