January 2008 rainfall

Water in the rain gauge here on 17 days in January totalling 299mm (about 12 inches). lovely.


~ by Garry on February 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “January 2008 rainfall”

  1. What about sending some of your spare rain over here. The dams for Toowoomba are still below 10%, our two tanks are below 50% capacity which means we only have about 2500gallons (just over 11250 litres)remaining.
    There was about 12 inches at Hannaford (125 Miles) west of here,overnight last night. I guess the Lord will get to us in due course.

  2. my google weather says rain for Tmba (not showers) for tonight and tomorrow…here’s hoping and praying!

  3. Great news from Tmba! 30 mils overnight here in town, but don’t know about the dams catchment areas. Biggest single fall since about mid Nov ’07

    Cool Col

  4. fantastic! and more to come today and tomorrow I believe…
    How does 30mm effect your tanks? Is it enough to fill them?

  5. No, mate but we went from under 50% to just over 62.5%, which I find very pleasing. Now all I have to find out is whether the Tmba Reservoirs were as fortunate.

  6. Mum tells me she recorded some 75mm at their place. Perhaps you didn’t quite get that much, but I’ll bet your tanks are in a much healthier condition now.
    I hear there’s a good chance that there’ll be more systems effecting SEQ before summer passes. Here’s hoping.

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