July 2008 rainfall

There was water in our rain gauge on 16 days in July, totalling 213 mm. The 55 year median for the area for July is 53mm. July 2007, we had 8mm!

Our second rainwater tank was repaired in time to receive the 100mm that fell last week. It is now almost half full again (10,000 litres) and the repair seems to be holding well. In another week or so, I’ll bring that tank back on line.


~ by Garry on August 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “July 2008 rainfall”

  1. Garry,
    What have you people got that we don’t have? The ear of the Lord? We had 16 wet days,totalling 85mm. Our median is 54mm (I’m using quite old calculations for that, which I haven’t revised since we lived in Mallon St) Both our tanks are now .75% full,(25% MT?), but we will stay on town water till they are 100% full(0%MT). I will finish later as I am now talking with CEH.
    Cool Col

  2. CEH enjoys the skyping!

    We certainly don’t have anyone’s ‘ear’; we just live under a coastal weather pattern. But even that is erratic. As I said, 8mm last July compared to 213mm this July!

  3. I think Perth got everyones rain in July, it bucketed down for weeks it seemed!

  4. Whoa.. I wish I had a “Tank” to “bring on-line”.

    Why, in all that time I was there, did I never have you show me all the equipment and control panel and such.

    Wait.. is there a control panel? I just love control panels…

  5. you and Christopher both!

  6. and, of course, I’m sure you are aware old mate that the name ‘tank’ was originally applied to the fearsome mechanized weapon as part of disguising its existence before it was put into action – and the name stuck.
    Perhaps I should refer specifically to ‘water tanks’ in my posts.

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