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Feeling a bit disappointed in my lack of blog posting of late.

I have started 4 posts in the past few days on a variety of subjects and deleted all of them. Can’t seem to find anything worth writing at present.

apologies to all my thousands of loyal readers…


~ by Garry on August 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “blog posts”

  1. So am I, always come by this blog in the hope that you might drop some vestige of wisdom of which I could avail myself within the the circles in which I move. But as Ned is supposed to have said
    before he went to the big drop “Such is Life”

    And here is one for you.

    Is it because many Australians are said to have come from criminal stock in the form of the transportees, that they have empathy toward Ned and all his criminal ilk.


  2. And I always enjoy your comments.
    It is fascinating isn’t it. I’ve always thought it was something to do with the Irish spirit of fierce independence, mixed with anger towards the English oppressor, that made many people a bit sympathetic to our bushrangers.
    I heard a fascinating debate once about whether Kelly was a hero or just a plain crook. Amazing how both sides could come up with good arguments!
    Mind you, Jesse James seems to be held in the same sort of awe by many Yanks and they have no convict mythology, so it might be a bit more complicated. Maybe it’s just the adventurous rebel deep within all of us.
    I find it amazing that Aussies like to elect parliaments (both left and right) who promise to make tough laws about everything, yet walk around with this perpetually rebellious, anti-authoritarian streak.
    signed – the Compliant Anarchist

  3. Always enjoy your blogs Garry even if I do not comment. Look forward to the next one when you are inspired.
    Also enjoy your and CC’s exchanged.

  4. Oh Lordy Garry – don’t disappear on me! I’ve been sitting reading my Buber this am and would probably never have met him but for your blog.

  5. that’s great Connie! I don’t plan on going anywhere just yet. I must have read “I and Thou” 10 times now and each time I think I am just beginning to ‘get it’.
    No matter – even grasping the gist of it has changed my life.
    As an aside, I have found it interesting over the past few years, as more and more contacts for me have been via the internet, just how profound can be the moments of ‘meeting’ between people even when they are not in the same room, and not hearing each other’s voices over a telephone. Just reading and typing words on a screen!

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