day-off work-out

Tamara and I give each other a day-off each week (when no housework or caring responsibilities are required of us) and it is a ‘life-saver’.

For a couple of hours each day-off over the past month or so my pet project has been to load up the lawn tractor and trailer with an assortment of tools and materials and busy myself cutting and grading a path through the steep forested slope of our block – a beautiful area into which no-one has previously been able to go and hopefully will provide an inspiring walking track in the future. (It’s amazing how digging, lifting, cutting, clearing, etc., on top of normal maintenance tasks, contributes to general muscle tone and fitness – something people pay hundreds of dollars for at fancy gymnasiums!)

Unfortunately, at this stage, I have been unable to create a wheelchair-friendly track, though there are possibilities for the future. The track will eventually zig-zag down the slope in 4 stages of about 30 metres each. The pics show most of the first stage.


~ by Garry on September 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “day-off work-out”

  1. Man, I love the thought of working on that! My brain started going into overdrive…drainage, slope, grade, runoff etc etc – should have been an engineer.

  2. and I would gladly hand you a shovel (or one half of a fallen tree trunk) were you here to offer your engineering skills, and passion, to the project. 🙂
    Yeah, some people look sideways at me when I tell them that it is a ‘day-off’, relaxation kind of project. I know you understand. I just love being surrounded by old growth forest and carefully ‘massaging’ a walking trail through it with the absolute minimum amount of intrusion. I never even pull up a bracken fern stem without first being sure it is in the way, and then I replant it somewhere else!
    I even take pleasure in the sheer physical labour involved – not that I am wasting away here like some sort of couch vegetable at other times.
    Anyway…you never know. You might get to walk the trail someday with me and smell the sweet air – it is especially beautiful when it is raining.
    btw, next time you are here, we’ll have to hire a couple of kayaks and get down onto the Mooloolah River. Something I definitely mean to do some day…

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