terrarium pics

I posted some weeks back about the demise of my aquarium and its reincarnation as a terrarium (more correctly ‘herbarium’). Unfortunately, our camera was out of action. Here now are a couple of pics. So far, so good. Everything seems to be flourishing – not just surviving, but prodigiously putting forth new growth. I have a suspicion that the little waterfall is the secret. It is steadily putting water into the enclosed atmosphere via evaporation and this water condenses on the glass sides of the cabinet and falls into the soil like a gentle soaking ‘rain’.

I do not have a green thumb (unlike my mother, who can grow anything, but whose only experiment with a terrairum she reports as ‘a disaster’), yet this terrarium has thankfully, so far, been idiot-proof.

It is gorgeous.


~ by Garry on September 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “terrarium pics”

  1. Your terrarium looks superb. I think you might have inspired me to have another try. Good to have something which does not need too much water. Mine has a fake African Violet in it at the moment – shame on me.



  2. of course I am expecting every morning when I look at it to see an unfolding disaster, but so far so good. As you know I can’t get potted plants to survive to save my life, so I am quite surprised. I have had to remove 1 of the 3 African violets as it looked diseased. It must have been that way when we bought it. The other 2 seem fine. And all the other plants seem very happy.

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