KIA now compliant – nothing is ever simple


Almost 12 months after the modifications for ramp access to the KIA were completed, Queensland Transport just yesterday granted approval. I first approached them for compliance approval last January and, in the meantime, have been to Qld Transport in Caloundra once and Marroochydore three times, including yesterday, when an inpector finally signed off on the modifications. The inspector’s first comment, on looking at the KIA yesterday was, “Streuth! I’ve never seen anything like this before!” And he was supposed to put his name to the compliance document! Fortunately, he did.

I fully understand and support the need for motor vehicle safety. I do NOT understand why a vehicle modified in NSW according to national safety standards cannot be accepted in Qld until 12 months of official negotiations are completed!

The mods, while very expensive (nearly $30,000 all up), have been great. Access for Christopher is excellent and we get to travel together as a family without any lifting or straining – something families take for granted every time they hop in the car together. Naturally, KIA will no longer repair the vehicle under warranty (even though it is less than 2 years into its 3 year-warranty), because it has been seriously tampered with! (I’d like to ask them what alternative we had.) The ride of the vehicle has been seriously compromised because the suspension has been completely reworked; but, hey, that’s our life! The alternatives are worse.

Our family motto for some years now has been – Nothing is ever simple!.

On the positive side, it is now compliant (that is, after Christopher and I travelled from the inspection station to to Clark Rubber to buy some rubber to stick into a section of the modified rear door seal that the inspector, quite rightly, felt was unacceptable. He helped us put it in place and then handed us the long-awaited documents.) More importantly, he and his uniformed mate were excellent. They spoke to Christopher as if he was a boy not a moron and seemed genuinely sympathetic to our need to make these modifications at all. He liked both of them.

sigh. That’s that one done.

Honestly…nothing is ever simple. DO NOT start me on the bedroom/bathroom modifications that are still nowhere in sight.


~ by Garry on November 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “KIA now compliant – nothing is ever simple”

  1. Hey Garry. Haven’t checked in for a while. Hope you’re all well. Glad you had some eventual success with the modifications after TWELVE MONTHS! Gee whizz.

  2. Hi Julie, lovely to hear from you. We are well, thanks, despite my complaining! lol. What about you?

  3. I can relate….nothing is ever easy!!!!

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