Be Prepared

Well, at present, we aren’t really. Prepared, that is. For severe summer storm activity. You know, like Brisbane and SEQ has had this week.

While we have all welcomed the hunderds of mm of much-needed rainfall, they tell me parts if Brisso are now officially considered ‘disaster areas’ (not sure what actually has to happen for those magic words to be applied). I’ve heard that lots of homes in The Gap eg., have been without power for 4 days now, and many homes have essential bits – like roofs – missing). And we haven’t even seen the first cyclone of the season yet. It isn’t even ‘the season’ yet!

We got flooded in about this time last year and took some precautions at that point, but we really need to do more to be prepared for the next big storm.

Let’s not even assume the worst. Even if the roof is still on, two things are of particular concern if the power goes off for any length of time – Christopher’s insulin needs to be kept refrigerated, and our water supply is delivered from our tanks via an electric pump.

I already have 10 litres of fresh water stored in a jerry can (changed once a month to keep it fresh) in case the pump or the power supply fails for a short time, which it has done ocassionally. But I think it’s time to do a bit more.


This week, I am collecting together the following items to add to the emergency stored water (have I missed anything?): battery-powered radio and batteries, torches and batteries, small gas lanterns, candles and matches, some tinned food, and a petrol generator to power a small portable fridge and the water pump.


Of course, in the event of a cyclone bearing down on us…I think most of us will probably just get out while the going is good.


~ by Garry on November 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Be Prepared”

  1. well, I’ve made a good start.
    With the barometer now at 995hPa and dropping, humidity around 60% and rising, and weather warnings for damaging winds this afternoon and tonight across SEQ, I have my newly stocked Weather Emergency Kit right beside me here – torches, lanterns, radio, batteries, SES phone number, fresh water supply. Now all I need to do is stock the pantry (having just come back from a week away) and the local IGA is closed due to power outage!!!
    Anyway, back to the IGA now to try again.
    Sometime soon, we’ll look at portable power generators.

  2. Indeed Garry, what a start to (not even yet) summer!!! We just got home after leaving your place early this morning and onto Paddington where Liz & Peter are trying to cope with the aftermath of the storms this week and the forecast doesn’t sound good either. We have spend hours helping to clean up – a skip was ordered and they have to throw away so many of their precious belonging which were stored under the house. Damage to washingmachine, fridge, mower etc. Unfortunately the house they are renting is the lowest point in their street….. so it all washed down underneath it, including their neighbours rubbish, because bins were floating everywhere. They too have made an emergency box with essetials. Let’s hope none of you need to use it in the near future!!
    Adrian has been down at the creek – all the fencing is washed away, but our tanks are full!!
    Have you thought about putting spare medical supplies in the WEK – then again, you probably will take the red box anyway….

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