More gold from Graham Long

I just can’t help it!

Here are two paragraphs from Longy’s latest email from the Wayside Chapel. I agree 100% with what he says about David Hicks (although I for one did not sit silently and do nothing during Hicks’ illegal incarceration), and I defy you not to smile when you read about the Governor and the Bag Lady!

I am David Hick’s pastor. David’s control order is coming up for review in just a few weeks. The mere mention of his name strikes fear and hatred in the hearts of many but that is because he has been relentlessly demonized in our press. Because I know him to be a decent human being, it has shown me how easy it is to manipulate the public by fear which is what our media and some politicians have been doing for some time. My dear brothers and sisters in the inner circle, we have done a great wrong to a man who never got a trial, who  never had access to what ever evidence was being used against him, who suffered torture and imprisonment without charge for 6 years and now there is an industry that has grown up in this country with a vested interest in believing that David is a danger. David is no danger to anyone. He would like to get married but does not want to have security agents with him on his honeymoon. He would like to be able to visit friends; he would like to stay up late or even overnight somewhere; he would like to be able to talk on a telephone without the threat of instant additional gaol time. He is not a bitter person but just an ordinary bloke who wants to put the past behind him and get on with life. I hope all those Australians who believe in a fair go will give this man a break. I hope there are some journalists somewhere who are game enough to concede that David got a bad deal and that we all sat silent while the foundational and most important conditions for our system of justice were ignored and offended against. I desperately want to believe that a country that grew to greatness from a British prison, will be fair enough and great enough to stop hounding this man and let him get on with life.
It was a great honour to have lunch with our Patron, the marvelous Governor of NSW yesterday. Have I ever told you about the time the Governor  phoned me to say she had some clothes she wanted to donate to Wayside? When did a Governor ever do such a thing? The official car stopped outside of Wayside and delivered the clothes and within an hour I saw a bag lady walking up the street in the Governor’s clothes.  I can’t help but think I might have been the only one to ever witness such a wonderful event.

~ by Garry on November 20, 2008.

One Response to “More gold from Graham Long”

  1. Sounds like you are well prepared. Just one thought – make sure your mobile phone is charged. I am not sure how they work if the signals are interrupted but it would be frustrating if a flat phone was all that stopped your contacting emergency services.


    PS What about the sherry!!!

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