more power

generator1In light of the recent storms across Southern Queensland, we have been gradually putting together some emergency measures which, naturally, one hopes will never be needed. 

We need to be able to refrigerate insulin supplies and to power a pressure pump so that we can get drinking water from our tanks. Fairly soon we will also need power for Christopher’s ceiling hoist for when we need to lift him and eventually to charge batteries for a powered wheelchair.

We looked around for a petrol generator that would be reliable and powerful enough for our needs, should we be ‘blacked out’ for an extended period. (I noticed that some homes in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago were without power for 4 days!)

We bought this Yamaha 2.8 kilowatt Inverter and have just tested it out. It seems fine. Christopher is impressed. Being an Inverter, it supplies a ‘clean’ sinewave which won’t harm computers, etc., and it adjusts its throttle automatically when load changes, as when the water pump kicks in.

They tell me it is possible to have a junction installed in the fuse box so that the gen. can be plugged directly into the household power supply during an emergency.


~ by Garry on December 2, 2008.

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