As I write, there are less than 3 hours left of 2008. I won’t be seeing in the New Year. I used to make a point of it when I was younger, but didn’t find the event compelling enough, so for the past 20 years or so I haven’t bothered. (I think I was born missing the ‘party-celebration’ gene.)

I suppose now is the time to wish Happy New Year to all my loyal readers. Speaking of whom, Tamara was congratulating me yesterday on the rate at which my blog hit-counter has been rising. It’s true. Even though I am only aware of 5 or so people who ever actually visit this site, the hit rate seems to far exceed 5 a day. Goodness knows how many people I don’t know are brushing past my blog. Channel-surfing mostly I suppose.

Mind you, 2,500 hits, while inexplicably large to my tiny imagination, pales in comparison with some of the big hitter blog sites out there. I occasionally drop in on a very cute, funny blog site called margaretandhelen and I notice that they have recorded over 1,300,000 hits! Go there if you have a minute and just check out the photo on their home page. It is really worth it. Go on. You can come back here after.

Anyway, blogging has become a regular feature in my life in the past 18 months. A small, but important feature in my day. I plan to continue throughout 2009 to leave my somewhat random electronic footprints on the ethereal shores (hah! not bad for 9.30pm on New Year’s Eve, after only 2 champagnes!), so please continue to drop by. I hope it will at least sometimes be worth your time and trouble.

And I have loved your comments. Thanks.


~ by Garry on December 31, 2008.

10 Responses to “2008-2009”

  1. Garry,
    I have a computer routine first thing in the morning and that includes reading your Blog. I always enjoy this read. Keep up the good work. Many thanks. Happy New Year to you, Tamara and Christopher.

  2. GWL.
    And a Happy New Year to you all ,too. Ten hours into 2009 (our time, our modern calender. However did they manage to get through the Dark Ages?) We too have drifted into the non-celebratory New Years Eve Party mode some years ago. Must be getting more mature I think.
    We had a couple of friends over for dinner and drinks, they were gone by 11pm (i.e. midnight in the Southern States), so that is as close to seeing ‘in’ the New Year as we got. Of course ET is staying with us still, has been since my birthday, and we will see him go for a week or so tomorrow, so that we will be back to D and J again.
    Talking about ‘hits’ mate, it’s probably the brew of under-armers you use that attracts everyone to your blogs. I have started one in the Indy Star, but so far in about a fortnight don’t seem to attracted too many followers.
    All the best Cool Col.

  3. thanks guys. I have to say that the power of blogging is only partly the knowledge that people are reading and responding. It functions as a journal too, and I have never found journalling particularly interesting. Of course, one can put all the naughty bits in a private journal, whereas a blog ain’t private…but, after a while I get bored with being the only one reading my own comments, so I find this format seems to work for me.
    CC, what is the Indy Star?

  4. Your sisters local paper.
    Maybe one day she may find time to see if she can locate me.
    Cool Col. (That by the way is my nick over there.)

  5. oh ok that Indy Star. So do you contribute to the Twitter? I’ll look out for the CoolCol comments

  6. Happy 2009 to you & your family Garry. We had a quiet one too – I was pretty happy to wake up in the morning and realise I hadn’t been woken up by the midnight celebrations in our neighbourhood like I was last year! Ahhhh, it’s the small things 😉
    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy checking in every now & then.
    All the best for the year,
    p.s. That’s an impressive hit rate. I bet it makes you curious as to who’s dropping by!

  7. thanks Jules…I once would have suspected ASIO or the AFP, but now I am a little less paranoid…what was that click? did you hear that? nah, probably nothing
    love to you and the family and all the very best for the new arrival…was it March? Speaking of which, just looking at the weather reports, you sure picked a good summer to be pregnant in WA! Bit on the warm side?

  8. Happy New Year from Indy. We too were in bed before the big event.

    Col – I need to get on line and check out your blog at the Indy Star! I’ll look for Cool Col!

  9. Morning Garry
    Love and best wishes for 2009 from David and me too! We didn’t stay up either! What are we all like? A lovely bunch of party poopers! Unless we have been invited somewhere, we go to bed at the normal time. Can’t really see the point of waiting for this “magic second” and feeling like a cot-case the next day. We had our dear friends Anny and Adrian for New Year’s Day lunch which was just lovely. I love popping into your blog Garry although with the Christmas festivities, things on the “blogging” side have been a bit quiet on my front lately. I don’t have many comments either (thank you for yours Garry – you’re very encouraging). Although it is is primarily a record of photos and family events, it is nice to know “someone” out there is reading it. I did notice on my SMILEY MADE ME LAUGH post that I had over 300 hits! Isn’t that amazing? It must have been forwarded to quite a few folk. And thank you for the link to margaret and helen – what a pair! And their writing – wonderful!

  10. Still got a little while to go yet to welcome the new bub … early May. So, not too uncomfortable in the heat yet. We’re spoilt with evaporative air-con in our house (which is very effective most of the time in Perth!) and I just avoid going out in the afternoons!

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