20th century top gear

display-caseKnowing he is a bit of a car-crazy, Christopher’s aunt and cousins in the USA sent him some die-cast 1/40th scale model cars. They sent one car for each of the decades 1940’s to 1990’s. I managed to track down a model of a Ford truck from the 1930’s, so we only have the 1900’s, 1910’s and 1920’s to go.

I built this display case for them, and when we have filled the final three slots, we will get some small name plates engraved for each car.


~ by Garry on January 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “20th century top gear”

  1. Very cool…we will look out for those earlier decade models. I love the display case…..very impressive.

  2. Wow! These look fab Christopher. I haven’t shown this post to David yet – he’s still sleeping (he’s a sleepyhead!) but when I do, I know he will be very impressed. He loves collecting die-cast models of building site equipment. He has a few diggers, cranes etc in his office. Unfortunately, when our grandchildren come to visit, they want to play with them and a few wheels and tracks are missing!!! He’s put two very special ones on a shelf in his office and has given me strict instructions that “They are not to be touched!” Where are you going to put the display?

  3. Dear Connie, thanks for the comments. Dad is going to hang the display case on my wall when the builder has finished extending my room. I also have some diggers and trucks. Have a good day. Christopher.

  4. GWL,
    A message for the owner of all those vehicles, Mr Christopher Hills.
    Owning the number of vehicles that you now have, you should apply for a Fleet Owner’s Discount on Fuel and Spares. (Heh Heh)

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