land of the giants

moreton-bay-figWe spent a few hours out today, travelling through countryside encompassing the spectacular Blackall Ranges. We had a snack at a little park in Conondale, where we watched a man exercise his dog by driving his car up and down his long gravel driveway with the dog running alongside; had lunch at a Cafe in Kenilworth that reminded us of the ‘Gourmet Night’ episode in Fawlty Towers (with the waiter refusing us several items on the menu, then seemingly going out to get the meals that we eventually ordered); and a stroll along a wheelchair-friendly rainforest path on Yabba Creek.

This picture was taken under a 48 metre-tall Moreton Bay Fig that is centuries old. Magnificent.


~ by Garry on January 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “land of the giants”

  1. Absolutely magnificent!

  2. not bad, hey? They are everywhere in that section of forest. It is fascinating to see how they have wrapped themselves around neighbouring trees and are slowly strangling them over time. And there was an even bigger one that had toppled in 2003 right next to the walking trail.

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