ready for high school (?)

pict0063This is Christopher’s desk bookcase. We are trying to get organised for the beginning of the school term next week.

Many parents look forward to ‘back to school’ so they can get the kids out of the house for 6 hrs a day. While I don’t want the kids out of the house, I don’t relish the return to tutoring, especially now that Christopher is entering Grade 8 and I will be solely responsible for his tutoring. Even *&^%$ French!!!

Tamara has a big study schedule herself  this year, but will take an arm’s length supervisory role with Catherine, who is entering Grade 6.

Deep breath before the plunge.


~ by Garry on January 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “ready for high school (?)”

  1. These subjects look exciting Christopher (if a little formidable to me). What is SOSE?

  2. yes, I had to ask the same question! Studies of Society and the Environment apparently…I guess similar to the old Social Studies.

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