Ride of the Valkyrie

valkyrieI used to enjoy watching Tom Cruise in action on the screen (after some of his earlier rubbish like Top Gun and Cocktail), but then he went all Hollywood prat and I’m now at the point where I can only watch Cruise the actor by making a big effort to get Cruise the man (prat) out of my consciousness – at least until the final credits begin to roll .

Anyway, all that aside, I went today to see Valkyrie, a dramatised version of the true story of German soldiers, politicans and others conspiring unsuccessfully to assassinate Adolf Hitler during the final year or two of WWII.

I reckon the film is great. It is engaging, well-paced and tense. Even though one knows the outcome from the beginning (though I’ll just bet there is a great swathe of movie-goers out there who are too young to actually be sure what happened and how things panned out) it still manages to portray enough of the drama, danger and heroism of the time to hold you to the end.

Though it was sad to see one of our favorites, Bill Nighy in his least convincing role, the film is really well worth a look.


~ by Garry on January 31, 2009.

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