there and back again – capital!

embraerJust back from a few great days in Canberra, visiting the Federal Parliament, Science Centre, National Museum and War Memorial. Really lucked it in with the weather, with the maximum dropping about 15 degrees to a pleasant 24 the day we arrived!

We travelled on these Virgin Blue Embraer E190 jets. A bit smaller than a 737, able to carry 104 passengers. A very pleasant ride. I saw TAA Captain Jim (retired) at the local cafe here on Thursday night and remarked that we had flown on Embraers. “On what?” he asked. “Yes, made in Brazil, I believe,” I replied. He looked a askance at this and with a twinkle in his eye, said, “Still, they have Rolls Royce engines I hope.” I looked it up and they are GE actually.

Virgin Blue staff were great offering good-natured assistance with all the complications of wheelchair access. I think Christopher and I were solely responsible for the Canberra-bound flight leaving 5 minutes late as we struggled with transfers via aisle-width wheelchair and tarmac lift into the cabin seat!

The highlight for me was being present in parliament during speeches being given on behalf of Victorian bushfire victims, ending with a minute of silence to mark the tragedy. A profound time to be present and listen as our legislators united in a common spirit and sought to reach out as one to the whole nation.


~ by Garry on February 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “there and back again – capital!”

  1. What a wonderful experience for you all. A rehearsal for the big 2010 trip. How did you and Catherine make out during the flight.

  2. we were fine, although it is always a big deal for me to prepare myself so that I have a good flight. Catherine got a little green around the gills at one point, but soon recovered and enjoyed herself. We both did ok with the 6 taxi trips also.

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