February 2009 rainfall

There was rain in our gauge on 13 days in February, totalling 167mm. The 56 yr median is 190mm. Last February we had 388mm!

Unlike last year, it has been a really humid summer. Good-riddance! I must admit, though that, even though we had more than twice as much rain last February, most of it came in big deluges, almost all of the water running off down the river to the sea. That is good for the river, but this year most of the rain came in gentler, smaller falls and soaked into the soil better.


~ by Garry on March 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “February 2009 rainfall”

  1. We had 99 mm in February – not too bad for dry Toowoomba.

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  3. LGG,

    You must live in a wetter part of Toowoomba than do we, as our gauge total was 82.5. Maybe the Evaporation rate from Lake Annand or Drayton Harbour just gave you that little bit of an edge.


  4. Dear CC,

    I suspect LGG sneaks a little extra into her gauge with a certain watering can…. they always have more rain than anyone else in Tmba.

    Cheers, T

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