renovation renovation renovation

reno03reno01At last!

After 10 months of delays, discussions, disappointments and disagreements (none in this household – all beyond our control), renovations have begun here to increase the floor space in Christopher’s bedroom and ensuite. After the MESS has all been cleared away (hopefully within the next couple of weeks. hah!) we should have increased floor space in the bedroom to park walker, wheelchair, portable hoist and page turner, etc.; increased floor space in the ensuite to accommodate a bath/hydrotherapy combo that looks like it came out of the space shuttle; a wide doorway to actually get a wheelchair through without constantly colliding with the walls; and a ceiling tracking device for lifting Christopher, transferring him from bed to wheelchair and toilet/bath thus saving his parent’s and carers’ delicate backs.

Not complaining. Really. The fact that such renovations are even possible is the result of hard-won litigation (think somewhere close to $100k). Which, of course, is another story.

Before the renovations could begin, SC Council pointed out the need for $15,000 worth of upgrade to the household wastewater system. We now have an Ecocycle Wastewater Management System in place which magically converts all household wastewater to a sufficiently clean quality to irrigate; thus supplying water to rainforest trees I have begun planting on the property.

Christopher’s main concern has been to get school work done quickly enough each day to watch excavators and builders with power tools at work!

Our family motto: nusquam est umquam simplex (Nothing Is Ever Simple).


~ by Garry on March 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “renovation renovation renovation”

  1. Sweet I love building stuff! I only wish I was there to sit on the deck with Christopher and watch it happening!

  2. and he would love your company! there’s more to watch. Can u get here in the next coupleof weeks?

  3. GWL,
    We are so pleased to see that you are now underway with your alterations and additions and are sure that the indoor ones will certainly make your heavy work a lot easier.

    I notice that the Building Supervisor, although he is wearing earmuffs, is not complying completely with the OH&S rules currently in force, in that he does not have a hard hat on. It must be a great thrill for him to go ‘on site’ at the end of his schoolday and see all the machines etc., at work, and know that work is progressing to his satisfaction.

    Love to all,
    L & CC.

  4. yes! the hard hat. I had completely forgotten about that – of course, when the builder himself doesn’t wear one, I don’t think I could convince the Supervisor to!
    Actually, Bob the Builder (really!) has been great – including Christopher whenever possible, and joking good-naturedly about being upstaged by excavators whenever they’ve taken Christopher away from renovation work.
    My problem, as Home Tutor of a High School student with a very demanding study schedule, has been to get the boy to concentrate and get through everything before being released into the nirvana of the construction site (not to mention re-arranging sleeping arrangements in the interim – no small task, let me assure you.) But, he is still returning Bs and As in his school work, so I am not complaining.
    Although…to quote Catherine, “it stinks that I have to go all the way through Grade 8 all over again” at least CDH is getting a decent shot at the education he deserves.

  5. Do you have a floor plan or schematic you can post to the blog? I’d like to see which direction the build-out is going to accommodate the extra square footage. Are you giving up veranda space?
    Sounds like a wonderful end product.
    Can CDH combine the construction with a school project – like calculating angles for maths or something? Maybe he can write a detailed journal about the progress.

  6. hey!
    Yeah, have a look under the ability/disability category on this blog and you’ll see a post called bedroom/ensuite modifications there that has a before and after floorplan.
    Yeah, the mods include widening the doorway into Christopher’s space; moving the northern walls of the bed/bathrooms out onto the verandah about 800mm to give more floor space to park all his wheeled stuff; installing a ceiling track for lifts from bed to toliet and bath; and installing a bath/hyrdotherapy unit that looks like it came out of the space shuttle.
    We still have a 1 metre wide walkway along the northern verandah.
    I’ll post pics when it is all done. In the meantime, we are doing the shuffle here on a daily basis with beds, clothing, changing, school work, meals, etc – such a mess these builders make! Hopefully only a couple of more weeks now.

  7. Wow, this all sounds so exciting! How great that you can be there to see it all happen, Christopher.

  8. and as of today, it is finished. sighs with relief. I’ll post some pics soon.

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