March 2009 rainfall

There was rain in our gauge on 15 days in March, totalling 222mm. The median is 159mm.

Cyclone Hamish’s track down as far as Fraser Island helped. You should have seen the plumbers trenching new pipes on the day we received 65mm!


~ by Garry on April 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “March 2009 rainfall”

  1. Only 40mm here. Pathetic but better than none.
    Looks like the pipeline is our only hope – scheduled to be finished by the end of the year.

  2. yeah it is such a shame that Hamish didn’t do what he just might have – weakened around Fraser, crossed the coast, settled over SEQ as a rain depression and filled all of the dams.

    Cyclones can still happen in April, but it isn’t very likely now.

    Is the western pipeline due to be finished this year? The one for Toowoomba? That will be another big operation. The northern line is partially completed (as far as Baroon Pocket), but I don’t know if it has been commissioned yet. Do you?

  3. According to the talk on our local ABC this morning the western pipeline is supposed to be finished by the end of this year. Special bores are being drilled to keep us going until then – apparently a praiseworthy initiative of the former TCC. Don’t know about the northern pipeline.

  4. gwl.
    I cannot help but think that you enjoy teasing us with your monthly weather reports. The difference between where lgg lives and our area here is astounding really, considering it would be about five miles (crow flies). I regret to inform you we had 18.5mm. But our shoulders are broad we can handle it.

  5. yeah, the northern pipeline is the one going past here and we certainly noticed a resurgence of activity there immediately following the election. It seems Anna was waiting to see how many people liked her before she continued to pour big money into these controversial infrastructure projects. Seems to be all finished over there now. Glad to hear that the western line is underway. And kudos to previous councillors for their foresight.
    Yes, CC, I am a tease! 🙂

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