when maths doesn’t add up

Christopher and I spend about an hour each day in our homeschool routine working our way through Grade 8 mathematics. He is doing well, and says he enjoys ‘the challenge’. I must admit, I am learning (or re-learning) all kinds of things; though, I’m not sure I enjoy it as much – I already faced that ‘challenge’ a long, long time ago!

Anyway, here’s a fun conundrum we were asked to think about today…

Three blokes order pizza and each contribute $10.00 when it is delivered, because the order cost $30.00. When the driver returns to the shop, he is told there has been a mistake – the pizzas should have cost $25.00. He is given five $1.00 coins to return to the customers. On the way back, he figures he will pocket $2.00 for a tip and return $1.00 each to the 3 blokes. So, in the end, they paid $27.00. The driver kept $2.00. Who stole the other $1.00?


~ by Garry on May 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “when maths doesn’t add up”

  1. The driver?

    I heard a good one today….it took a committee to make a camel out of a horse.

  2. lol. and as one who has served on various committees and chaired some over the years, I have to say that a camel, though a funny looking outcome, does actually get the job done!

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