More flooding – the worst since 1974

brisflood09Last November, in a post called “Brisbane Flood – 1974 and 2009?” I pondered whether a repeat of the 1974 floods might be possible in the summer of 2008/9 as the result of southward-tracking cyclone. It turned out a cyclone – Category 5 Hamish – did track as far south as Fraser Island, bringing some pretty heavy falls with him, but then he turned around and petered out.

brisfloodWell, it seems that a cyclone wasn’t necessary – just a deep low off the Eastern seaboard – and several areas across SEQ went under this week. Nowhere near as much flooding as 1974, but, “the worst since then” for the South East. Here is a pic from yesterday and one from 1974.

Also interesting to note that I had observed in that same post that Brisbane’s water supply 12 months earlier (Nov 2007)  had dropped to 16% capacity, but had returned by 2008 to 40%. Well, I hear it is now over 60%! And a little bit (though not enough) good news for Toowoomba at last – water supply up from 9% to 14% capacity.

I will post our May rainfall total at the end of the month as usual, but I just note for now that we had 237 mm here in 3 days this week.


~ by Garry on May 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “More flooding – the worst since 1974”

  1. Dear Garry
    Did you hear the drought is over in South East Qld (quote premier Bligh). We wonder where Toowoomba fits on the map!
    Love always

  2. yeah, even though lots of relief has come to many SEQ dams, 14% is still distressingly low. Let’s hope there is at least still some run-off on its way…

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