school hols at last

CathyBeachSighing with relief as we head into a break from the home-schooling routine for a couple of weeks. I honestly can’t complain about a system that seems to work so well for both the kids. Christopher has consistently pulled down A’s and B’s all semester in his Grade 8 work and Catherine has done really well struggling away with Grade 6 (including French!).

Proud of both of them – never any shirking or complaining from either one. They get up on time, they put their heads down and focus each day, and they maintain a good humour through it all; but I can’t deny it…it is a daily burden that I am happy to lay down for a while and take a break from plodding relentlessly through algebra, report writing, science experiments, research, comprehension, tests and assignments, etc…

I’m looking forward to getting some overdue tasks attended to over the next couple of weeks and maybe sleeping in a bit?


~ by Garry on June 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “school hols at last”

  1. You are one of the rare parents who look forward to school holidays. Many are happy when they are over!
    I must admit I loved them too – a break from cleaning shoes, cutting lunches, supervising homework plus the fun of lots of kids and dogs tearing through the house not to mention the constant war games outside.
    Happy times.



  2. I remember seeing a Chronicle front page one January with a large photo of two young mums celebrating the start of school. The whole tone of it was a bit sad I thought – great to get rid of the kids at last. Now to coffee mornings, shopping, and daytime tv!
    I hope the kids didn’t read the paper that day.

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