HoytI’m only glad that Christopher is not a sports ‘nut’ like Ricky Hoyt here!

Click on the image to watch the 4 min video. (You may want to take a deep breath before you do)


~ by Garry on July 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “CAN”

  1. GWL,
    Yes mate, I sure did take a deep breath , both before and during the viewing of this most inspiring video. It is just wonderful what people are able to do when they know that they can, ( the same as you really). To be able to do it as a team like the two people in that video, goes to show that CAN DO are not idle words.

    Triatholon-ing ? like that would take a big heart for both contestants, and getting older wouldn’t make it any easier for either of them.

    Just keep Christopher’s nose into his books, would be my advice.


  2. it is amazing isn’t it. Apparently Dick, the dad, is an ex-military fitness and sports nut and his disabled son, Ricky asked him if he could do a thriathlon with him.
    As I say, I’m glad C won’t be asking me to do the same thing, because…I WOULD.
    Yes, we’ll stick to property maintenance, the odd carpentry job and the books!

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