the ‘swiss army knife’ of insulin pumps

Insulin_PumpChristopher and I went to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane today for a few hours to be trained in the use of his brand new insulin pump. It is now quietly doing its thing as he sleeps, delivering carefully measured doses of insulin to his body in much the same way as his previous pump used to do -the one that conked out a few months ago.

His last pump, the American-made Medtronic paradigm, costing $8,000, has a reliable life-expectancy of 4 years; this new Accu Chek Spirit pump costs $5,000 and is guaranteed to last 6 years. In addition it comes with some extra features and nifty devices for storing, analysing and downloading data about blood sugar levels, insulin doses and general trends in diabetes management.

After Christopher’s first pump failed and the Medtronic people told me that their company policy was never to visit a person’s home to demonstrate their product (for fear of falling through a floor or some other such unfortunate eventuality – haven’t they heard of tradespeople, sales reps., local government officials and postal and delivery people, etc who visit private homes all the time in the normal course of their business?), I decided to look around at the options out there of the latest generation of insulin pumps; something I would not have bothered doing if the Medtronic people had given us their speel. We discovered this Accu Chek pump and were duely impressed enough by the demo we received at a pump information day to decide to go with it. It is Swiss-made, and we all know what that should mean!

Here’s hoping the Swiss will not let us down.


~ by Garry on July 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “the ‘swiss army knife’ of insulin pumps”

  1. Wow, new pump hey, sounds good.
    The Swiss make good things (my favourite Swiss Cheese) Hope the pump is as good. See ya termorrer.



  2. And a backup pump for free, just read the web site, sounds fantastic.


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