it is getting dry here

pumpIt’s all relative I know; but it’s dry enough here now to start tapping our 20,000 litre reserve tank for non-essentials like watering the gardens. Normally this tank remains full, overflowing into our household tanks (45,000 litres) when it rains; so I rarely need to make use of it. Since June, we’ve only had about 20mm and I mistakenly thought that our supply had dropped to about 60%; but on doing my weekly check today I discover that our aggregate supply is down to about 75%. That’s good but there doesn’t appear to be any rain in sight.

I bought this little electric pump for $70. It moves about 1,000 litres an hour and was pretty easy to set up. I can’t leave it permanently in place  because I don’t yet have a fixed outlet from the tank to connect to, so I have to open the concrete hatch and prime the pump before each use, but it works well for small jobs. I ran it for a couple of hours last week to top up one of the house tanks with a further week’s supply of water.

Send her down, Huey! Huey! Are you there, Huey?


~ by Garry on August 16, 2009.

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