after-school fun and games

The usual fun and games here after school today. Click on the thumbnails to see Christopher putting his remote-controlled ‘monster truck’ through its paces. I tape 4 small button switches onto his wheelchair headrest (forward, back, left, right) which are connected by wires to the remote control on the ground and he is set for an hour or so of miniature four-wheel-driving. Catherine in the meantime was making her own unique little ice blocks amidst the debris I had left sitting on the kitchen bench.

Lest you imagine that there is some stereotypical role-modelling going on in our home (our boy playing with a truck;  our girl making something in the kitchen) let me remind you that Tamara is out all day today pursuing a professional career while I am at home as the resident carer, homeschooler and ‘chief cook and bottle washer’!


~ by Garry on September 2, 2009.

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  1. Ingenious!

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