blowin’ in the wind

dustTamara took this picture yesterday during the dust storm. There were times during the afternoon when the light was an eerie Martian red.

Today, I put on a dust  mask and climbed onto the rooftops with the leaf blower to try to remove some of the red dust that had settled there before it ended up as mud in our rainwater tanks during the next shower (whenever that might be!).

It felt like I must have blown about half a ton of red Western Plains topsoil off the roof; which is now silver again. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will stop sneezing and coughing and my eyes won’t need extra lubrication to open and close!


~ by Garry on September 24, 2009.

One Response to “blowin’ in the wind”

  1. GWL,
    I guess by now, after yesterday’s(Saturday) little blow from the west, and its accompanying flying mud (just add water), you will just have to make another journey to the rooftop to wash down again.
    I think I would be inclined to leave it to nature mate. After all it will settle in the eventually tanks and you can then see about a tank clean in due course.
    After all many of our pioneers would have been required to use worse quality water from their roofs in years gone by. You have some sort of a filter system for your drinking water, do you not?

    CoolCol. (and it is a bit that way here to-day after yesterday’s dust storm)

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