october 2009 rainfall

There was rain in our gauge on 6 days in October, totally 81mm. The median is 86mm. October ’08 we had 56mm; October ’07 we had 75mm.

We have been using about 300 litres of water a day in our household. We went into winter this year with rainwater tanks full-to-overflowing, but after an exceptionally dry June-July-August-September, our water tanks were holding an aggregate of about 64% capacity (about 40,000 litres).

We have three 21,000 litre tanks. Our 2 main household tanks were both at 47% (lower than they have ever been in the two and a half years we have been here) and the reserve tank was holding 97%.

At the beginning of October, the forest was looking pale and dry. I was just about to pump more water across from the reserve tank. People all around the Valley were buying water. I am pleased to say that, thanks to careful conservation, we could have lasted another 100 days or so without rain; but, hallelujah, in October it rained. Our tanks are overflowing.

All the dust has been washed away. Everything is looking fresh and green. I now have to crank up the mower again.


~ by Garry on November 1, 2009.

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