BSDE Awards Ceremony

Well, we’re back after travelling to Brisbane for the Brisbane School of Distance Education Awards Ceremony for 2009.

A well-organised programme, except for two things:  it went an hour overtime and they forgot to announce 7 out of Christopher’s 8 awards! Because his awards came late in the programme, due to the fact that the Ray Dodd Award is considered a special award, I had to do some fast talking backstage before it was too late, to get the boy back up on stage to receive the full complement.

Anyway, we all had a tolerable afternoon out and Christopher’s 5 minutes of fame were worth the drive.


~ by Garry on November 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “BSDE Awards Ceremony”

  1. Awesome! Your face says it all Christopher! Well Done! 🙂

  2. He did have a pretty good time, though it was a very long ceremony and most of it went right over our heads. Catherine was wonderfully patient with the whole affair.
    I have organised my share of events this size over the years as you know and I do understand that things can get missed, but I have to say I was pretty peeved that I had to make waves to get his full array of awards announced, as I had been assured they would be.
    I was standing there on stage next to Christopher after he got his Ray Dodd award, and they started to call others up for the next awards. That was when I realised with a sinking feeling that something had gone wrong and I had to make a decision about what to do about it on the spot. If we just left the stage and went home so they could ‘post them to us’ as the teacher I was whispering to suggested, I knew I would regret not having advocated on his behalf and razzing whoever didn’t seem willing to interrupt the scripted programme to do Christopher’s bit properly. It took three conversations and a fair bit of dithering, and by the time the person at the podium was handed the awards, there were all these Grade 12’s standing on the stage for their big moment and Christopher’s list of awards wasn’t even read out properly – one was missed altogether.
    I think the boy himself is philosophical about it all, but it has left a sour taste in my mouth and I am trying to keep my perspective.

    • Well Done!, Christopher Hills, congratulations on your achievements for the year from Aunty Lesle and me. BTW, if you would like, she will do an “Aunty Lesle” for you to those careless people for being so slack. Ask Dad what that means in this family. And, also keep on Dad’s back so that he makes you sufficient shelving on which to put those fabulous documents.
      Garry and Tamara you two also need to be congratulated for your efforts in bringing Christopher up to the standard where he was eligible for all the awards.
      Cool Col

    • I am proud of you for advocating for Christopher. We have to be so much for our ‘precious oldests’……he deserved every minute, and more, of the stage time he got. You absolutely did the right thing.
      Love Leisa

  3. Actually, I felt like I was ‘doing an Aunty Lesle’ at the time! Honestly, if the awards had been mine, I would probably have just said, ‘yeah, righto, just post the others’; but by that stage after all the palaver of going to the ceremony, I thought, ‘blow it, I want this crowd to hear what he has achieved now that he is here! I don’t care who is annoyed with me for interrupting their programme!’ Does that sound AL enough? 🙂

    • I love that Aunty Lesle taught us this skill….it comes in handy when necessary and I always feel the confidence of Aunty Lesle behinf me!
      Thanks Aunty Lesle.

  4. Congratulations to you all for these awards.
    Great teaching Garry and Tamara
    Awesome learning Christopher
    Wonderful supporting Catherine.
    You are all truly and inspiration to us!
    Much love xxxx

  5. Christopher… CONGRATULATIONS! You are an inspiration! Much love…Aunty Leisa.

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