all the president’s men

After years of ‘meaning to get around to it’, I have finally bought and read a second-hand copy of Carl Bernstein’s and Bob Woodward’s All the President’s Men, the detailed account, published in 1974, of their investigations into the Watergate scandals that brought down the corrupt administration of President Richard Nixon.

I couldn’t put it down.

There is an advantage to reading such books years (decades!) after they are written, because so much more knowledge has been gathered subsequently that the book is easier to appreciate  in a clearer historical context.

I remember watching the TV news as a 14 year old sometime in 1973 and hearing mum say to dad, “I’m having trouble following all this Watergate business.” So was I. No wonder! Almost 2 years of stories, all in bits and pieces at the time, covering dozens of names and incidents, with nobody really knowing how it all fit together until later.

I have a copy of Nixon’s Memoirs, having read them years ago, and it was helpful to read bits and pieces of the 2 books side by side.

After finishing the book this afternoon, I just had to re-watch Oliver Stone’s 1995 film,  Nixon, starring Anthony Hopkins. I also recently bought the dvd copy of the original Frost-Nixon interviews, broadcast in 1976 to an audience of some 400 million people.

When Tamara has read All the President’s Men, we will watch the movie of the same name together and I will enjoy once again watching Redford and Hoffman portraying the intrepid reporters in action.


~ by Garry on December 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “all the president’s men”

  1. Have you seen the recent movie “Frost Nixon”?

  2. yes, I saw it recently and I’m glad I saw the actual interviews first as a comparison. The movie was really quite good I thought; though I felt that Ron Howard’s version of Nixon didn’t come across as smarmy and greasy as the real Nixon when he was speaking to David Frost. I thought Michael Sheen as Frost in the movie was brilliant.

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