conspiracies and the art of water-tank maintenance

The water in one of our concrete rainwater tanks has been smelling bad for a few weeks now. Its colour wasn’t too bad – a little brown – but it was mainly the smell. We have a cartridge filter at the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking, but bathrooms and laundry just draw water directly from the tanks.

I’m pretty careful with our tanks, so I was pretty sure there were no dead animals in the water (one hears of snakes, frogs, mice, even a possum! rotting in household rainwater tanks), so I guessed it was just an inevitable build-up of sludge on the bottom of the tank and Tamara was right to suggest it was time for a clean.

We had the tank maintenance lady here today, vacuuming out the tank with a submersible pump. I watched the process while listening to the woman’s nonstop conspiracy theories. It seems whenever I couldn’t get her to talk about tank maintenance, she had to share one of her theories about what is wrong with the world – chemtrails (look it up – I’d never heard of this one); government cover-ups of health problems with crop spraying (why the government would want to cover that one up she couldn’t tell me);  secret fluoridisation of water supplies (Dr. Strangelove’s ‘precious bodily fluids’ came to mind); etc.

All very entertaining.

Anyway, you should have seen the thick, black fluid gushing out of the vacuum hose. Obviously, this tank has not been cleaned for a long time. The tank was full when she started and I measured the water level when she was finished. The vacuum cleaner pumped about 4,000 litres out, which is about 20%; but it was well worth it to know that all that grunge is now fertilising the garden.

Tomorrow, when it has settled a bit, I will run a bath from the newly suctioned tank and hopefully enjoy the sweet smelling water as I ponder conspiracy theories…


~ by Garry on December 22, 2009.

One Response to “conspiracies and the art of water-tank maintenance”

  1. there are many conspiracies going on in the world right this thankful that you are not on city water and have to deal with the poisoned water..Fluoride has been proven to be poisoning us and in the UK just this year they passed a law where all foods/drinks either sold or grown or produced must be free from water contaminated with fluoride. fluoride in our drinking water was a conspiracy, not it is fact.
    have a look at this video by Alex Jones called “The Fall of the Republic”

    It is a 2+hour video that will the very least get you thinking about what the heck is going on in the world and perhaps even alert you to the truth.
    We need to wake up and then we need to “be the change we want to see”.

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