earthworks completed

By midday today, I had finished moving earth around for our landscaping project. The little hired Kanga was a great help in digging and moving around 12 cubic metres of lovely loamy earth. Unfortunately, it has to go back tomorrow morning – I wouldn’t mind if they forget that it is here.

Christopher and I then spent the afternoon moving mulch to create some of the ground cover around the newly levelled 50 square metre area.

We used about half of the truck load of mulch we got from the dump. After I recover from the aching muscles, there will be lots of raking, shovelling and mulching still to do. More pics when phase 2 – the ground level deck – gets underway. I don’t have a very good shot of the levelled area, but you can see in this picture what a delightful spot it has been to work in, in the deep shade of three large mango trees.


~ by Garry on January 10, 2010.

One Response to “earthworks completed”

  1. Looks beautiful…..lovely loamy soil and shade from Mango trees….sounds like paradise to me!

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