February 2010 rainfall

There has not been much sunshine on the Sunshine Coast in February. There was rain in our Mooloolah Valley gauge on 16 out of 28 days totalling 528mm.

Feb 2009 – 167mm.

Feb 2008 – 388mm.

This is the wettest calendar month we have had since moving here. While some of it fell hard and fast, there was only a brief period when water was over the road bridge. The mosquitoes are certainly having a nice time.

Total rainfall for Summer 2009/2010: 948mm!


~ by Garry on March 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “February 2010 rainfall”

  1. Good morning Garry from a very misty Summerfield. I’ve just totalled our rain for February – 205mls. Wonderful! Looking back we had 109mls last year and 193 the year before – and it still looks pretty damp this end. Looks as though out west have had some good rain too.

  2. gwl.
    Skite. We only had 230.5mm. Never mind, the mosquitos will punish you for showing off.


  3. yes the mozzies are certainly partying at the moment. Talking about boasting, our neighbour Ray tells me that he once recorded 880mm for February about 10 years back. That’s 35 inches!
    Anyway, March is starting out pretty wet also. Thankfully these monsoonal troughs tend to travel right across vast parched regions and make a huge difference.
    By the way, I think 230mm for Toowoomba is fan-bloody-tastic! You must be celebrating.

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