John Deere TV commercial

Disability or not, it is amazing what can be done with a computer (and a little help).

Our quadriplegic son has been able to turn his obsession with our John Deere lawn tractor into a Year 9 school project. Throughout Term 1, in his Information Technology subject, he has been working through the pre-production, production and post-production phases of a TV commerical.

How I wish Yr 9 had included this sort of fun when I did it!

If you want a laugh, have a look at his 60 sec tv commercial on youtube.

I have to say, having produced one or two TV commericals in my time (and having observed my father work in TV advertising for many years) that he has done a very nice little job.

We shot it with a Sony DV Handicam and edited it with Sony Vegas software.


~ by Garry on March 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “John Deere TV commercial”

  1. Very good Chrisopher (and Dad). We get the message and had a good laugh.

    LGG & Pa

  2. I think you should try and submit it to a John Deere dealer. It is worth air time.


  3. yes,Christopher’s teacher said the same thing. He’s thinking about it.
    Our next project is to make an Instructional Video. So, you guessed it…the JD is now due for its 50 hour service, so that is going to be the project. Keep an eye out for it on youtube.

    btw, did you see the little video he made about Our Little Ute. It is also on his youtube site,
    Go to and type in cdhcdh1 and you will see his little collection of videos.

  4. Fabulous production! I went to youtube and looked at cdh’s productions…..excellent work, and nice sound tracks to go along. Maybe when Christopher is famous he could hire Kevin to lay down some drums tracks. Also enjoyed the tire pressure video. Are there really 25 in production?

  5. A drum track would always come in handy for future productions – Christopher has to produce an ‘information’ or ‘instructional’ video next, so we are working on a John Deere 50hr service video!
    No, the tyre pressure one was just for fun to experiment with the editing software. We were imagining that if was part 25 of a full length feature about home car maintenance.

  6. Great commercial Christopher! A new career for you Garry?

  7. you mean mowing, Jules? 🙂

  8. Acting in commercials. But maybe mowing would be more fun 🙂 (Unless Christopher was the director of all your ads, of course.)

  9. well, I’ve been in a few commericals and I’m sure I’d rather act than mow anyday, but you obviously don’t know what a slave driver my son is when he is wearing his director’s hat! 😉

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