March 2010 rainfall

There was rain in our gauge here on 22 days in March, totalling 577mm. (Last year we had 222mm. The average is 218mm.)

Rain for the first 3 months of this year – 1354mm.

The best rains in living memory have fallen across much of QLD this past couple of months, along with the inevitable widespread flooding. Many dams are full, though I think Toowoomba’s water supply has risen to only about 15%.


~ by Garry on April 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “March 2010 rainfall”

  1. 273.5mm for March. A bonus on 31/3 of 45mm. Total for year
    500mm. A great improvement for Toowoomba.

  2. Which dam is pictured in your post?

  3. The picture is of the Lentall Dam spillway – in the Wide Bay area. I guess I should have found a pic of the Baroon Pocket Dam just north of us, or perhaps Ewen Maddock, just south of us; but I figured the Wide Bay was close enough!

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