Lee Kernaghan’s ‘She’s My Ute’

Christopher has just uploaded his latest Year 9 video production project to youtube…

This is a 2 minute ‘music video’ he was asked to produce. We found the footage someone had taken of the Lee Kernaghan concert at the Gold Coast and posted on youtube and used that as the basis of the production. All the video overlays and still images were shot here under his relentless direction and edited once again using Sony Vegas Home Movie editing software.

He loves our little Brumby Ute, and I have to say I don’t know where we’d be without it. In addition to my main workhorse, it is, for now, our ‘powered wheelchair’ – giving Christopher access to the whole property and the opportunity to participate (as observer and supervisor!) in all kinds of projects around the place. You may spot him in the passenger seat in one sequence. (His hand is reaching out the window)

By the way, the ute’s name is Bernie.


~ by Garry on May 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Lee Kernaghan’s ‘She’s My Ute’”

  1. WE LOVE YOU BERNIE!!!!!!!!!!

    Fabulous job Christopher…Love Leisa and Kevin

  2. This is Hollywood calling !!
    We are greatly taken by the skill of the producer of “Bernie the Brumby”. We are wondering if we might be able to CONTRACT him to make a short series of musically backed advertisements for our product. You realise of course we would be unable to pay the producer as we consider his work to be far more valuable than any money we would be able to offer. Unfortunately, therefore, we are unable to put a cheque in the mail.


  3. looking forward to being in the viewing room at your studio granny & pa

  4. Some great camera angles in this! I especially like Bernie driving overhead.

  5. hey Julie and thanks. I will pass on the comment to the producer/director. The project for next term is a video animation. I think the boy is considering something to do with a Thunderbird 2 model he has. It will make a nice change from mowers and utes. 🙂

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