around the ridges

Took these shots yesterday while cruising about the place (as I often do) on my day off. What a marvellous part of the world to live in. This view of the Glasshouse Mts. is from Mary Cairncross Park about 15 minutes from here. The dam is Ewen Maddock (a couple of minutes from here) with the ocean in the background. The shot of the dam was taken from a lookout near Maleny.


~ by Garry on May 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “around the ridges”

  1. Spectacular! I can smell it! I have a very similar photo of the Glasshouse Mts on my screen saver.
    What a paradise!

  2. That shot of the Glasshouse Mts is the same angle as the one you took at Mary Cairncross rainforest park. I have now had it enlarged onto canvas – 1 metre x about 500mm (just over a yard x half a yard) and it now hangs in the Guesthouse lounge room.
    The guys at the photo framing shop were very impressed. I was pleasantly surprised that it could withstand so much enlargement, but it looks great. It was a 10 megapixel photo on maximum zoom and using a dinky tripod – but, it came upreally well.

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