next year’s firewood

Winter here isn’t terribly cold, but we have been enjoying the warmth of the fireplace on recent nights.

They say wood warms you 3 times – when you collect it, when you split it and when you burn it. Today I got warm sawing up some logs and branches that were lying around down the back of our neighbour’s property. He doesn’t have a wood burner and is happy to be rid of them. This uteload is now stacked along with a little I collected from our place a few weeks ago and by next winter should be ready to split and burn.

Here you see the ‘supervisor’ who gave my morning’s labour a big tick.


~ by Garry on June 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “next year’s firewood”

  1. Yes, many fond memories of the unbeatable warmth of a wood fire especially when it heated the water, cooked the best roast, kept all the kids bottoms warm while I reached round to supervise the saucepans of veges, then the washed saucepans dried above the stove. Nothing like it!!

  2. of course our wood fire doesn’t do all the things the rayburn could do. We can’t cook on our for instance, but it is certainly good as a space heater (and sometimes a clothes dryer).

    It is crackling quietly right now.

  3. I would love some of that fire wood! Seems strange on this first day of summer to be thinking about the warmth of a fire – but I sure woudl miss fire in this climate!

  4. A little dickybird told me last night that there was ample wood for more than one years supply in your woodheap. Lucky you.


  5. jeez! it’d be awesome if Granny and Pa had a fireplace! it’s pretty darn…erm…FREEZING here in Toowoomba!

    Love and miss you,
    CoolCat xxx

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