drunken sheep impersonator

This just in from the AFP wire made me giggle…

Drunken sheep impersonator behind baas

Posted Mon Oct 4, 2010 1:46am AEDT

A drunken man who infuriated his neighbours by bleating like a sheep and doing other animal impressions at the dead of night ended up in jail after resisting arrest, German police said.

The 49-year-old offered his sleeping neighbours a series of performances, mainly sheep impressions, some lasting as long as 20 minutes, about 10:45 pm (local) on Saturday, police in the Bavarian town of Coburg said.

When police tried to get him to stop, the man became “unreasonable and aggressive”, reportedly because he wanted to continue his baa-ing.

Officers saw no choice but to lock him up for the night.

He had an extremely high blood-alcohol content, authorities said, which, added to charges for disturbing the peace, should lead to a “beastly hangover”, police said in their tongue-in-cheek statement.


~ by Garry on October 4, 2010.

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