water bore

Christopher has edited together about a minute or so of video showing the drilling of our new water bore last Tuesday. The bore is part of a long-term project to establish sealed wheelchair-paths through a re-vegetated couple of acres of native bushland.

The bore is 23 metres deep and taps into very high quality water in great quantities (7,500 litres/hour).


~ by Garry on November 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “water bore”

  1. Amazing!!! Why did the truck/driller fall over sideways (when it knocked a tree limb down)?
    Can this water be pumped into your tanks?

  2. That was the boom arm being lowered onto the back of the truck after doing its drilling thing in the vertical position. It must have moved a little after being raised, so it caught a branch on the way down.
    Yes, in fact we are now looking at connecting solar powered irrigation piping up to our tanks to top them up and also gravity-feed water down from their overflow to irrigate the new plantings.
    The next stage however is the excavation and sealing of the wheelchair pathways.

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