Recovering Bernie, the Subaru Brumby

Here you see a brief video log of this afternoon’s recovery of Bernie, our beloved Subaru Brumby. In my defence, the slope is steeper than it looks and the ground is soft and greasy. In Bernie’s defence, the Range Rover being driven by our neighbourhood rescue crew very nearly ended up stuck against the very same fence!

If not for my brilliant (yes, I dare to suggest brilliant) suggestion of looping the tow chain around some convenient nearby trees, thus assisting to defy gravity, both vehicles would have slid down to an ignominious fate. A little cosmetic damage to our little ute, but nothing very serious.

Christopher supervised the operation from a safe distance and is very pleased that his ‘powered wheelchair’ has been recovered. He recommended some “4WD Action” dvds for me to watch this evening to help me not to repeat the error of my ways.


~ by Garry on January 2, 2011.

One Response to “Recovering Bernie, the Subaru Brumby”

  1. You won’t go down that way again…will ya! …. Wisdom from Ray!

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