The call of freedom

I have been pondering the exquisite paradox of freedom lately. The human heart prizes it, strives for it, laments its elusiveness, may even kill for it. But what is it? Does it even exist?

I excerpted the following blessing “For Freedom” from the late John O’Donohue’s book Blessing the Space Between Us. As a philosopher/poet in the Celtic tradition, O’Donohue has a way with words. He seems to imagine freedom as a “calling”.

May your life awaken

To the call of its freedom.

As the ocean …makes of its limits

A sonorous threshold

Whose music echoes back along

The give and strain of memory,

Thus may your heart know the patience

That can draw infinity from limitation.

As the embrace of the earth…

Takes deep into itself

The tight solitude of a seed,

Allowing it time

To shed the grip of former form

And give way to a deeper generosity

That will one day send it forth

A tree into Springtime…


~ by Garry on January 4, 2011.

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