QLD mostly underwater

Today, Jan 14, 2011, the town of Goondiwindi nervously waits to see if the rising Macintyre River (currently at 10.6m) will breach their 11 metre levee banks. If it does, they will earn the dubious honour of one of these little blue balloons you see scattered all over the QLD map (ABC News). Each balloon tells a story of an inundated town. Then there are the countless roads, bridges, farms, and properties in between the towns.

I’m looking for a map that illustrates the total land area that has been underwater. Anyone know where I can find one? They tell me that an area larger than France and Germany combined has been underwater this January; although, of course “they tell me” lots of things!

[Actually, as an aside, I recall travelling to Zimbabwe in 1990, not long after another period of flooding throughout Queensland and NSW. I remember telling an astonished audience in that dry southern African region that an area greater than the size of Great Britain had recently been underwater back home. Who knows if I was right. “They” had told me, so I believed it was so.]


~ by Garry on January 14, 2011.

One Response to “QLD mostly underwater”

  1. I saw a map a couple of days ago that showed what was effected at the time – included Toowoomba – but not Brisbane yet. Assume it is updated,
    I went back to the site – but can’t find it again – it was news.au.com. I will keep looking.
    Love Leisa

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