trekking through tasmania

I think Emily Dickinson (?) was right when she wrote, “There is no better frigate than a book to take us lands away”; however sometimes actually going there can be good too (especially as we tourists can avoid frigates nowadays).

Anyway, I’m blogging this afternoon from Hobart, Tasmania on the 4th day of our 10 day trek. According to the GPS we are 1,860km from home. All going well, except for the usual little challenges of wheelie travel. A crucial wheelchair part snapped off on our first night here (possibly from its journey, folded up  in a 737 cargo hold), but the boy seems happy and comfortable enough strapped into the chair with a large scarf we bought for the purpose in Launceston!

Here are a couple of snaps for now. We plan to head down to Port Arthur tomorrow, and then across to the west coast on Sunday. Not expecting internet access from the wilds of western Tassie, so will post again in a few days when we re-emerge into civilisation.


~ by Garry on January 21, 2011.

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